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All our boats are equipped with modern 4-stroke engins and the best electronics like gps & fish finders. Safety equipment and other necessary accessories is always in the boats. Our boats are build for its purpose and are very sea worthy. 

Sea Pro 24 - Bay Boat (red)

Takes up to 5 people spinn fishing, 3 for fly fishing and 7 persons for boating. Perfect to get very close to where you want to fish, extreme large spaces to fish from. Plenty of storage room so we always bring a wide range of fishing equipment in the boat.  MORE DETAILS

Sea Pro 24 - Bay Boat (blue)

Exactly the same as our red Sea Pro Boat.

Boston Whaler 200 Dauntless

Our newest boat in our fleet. Very comfortable and smooth ride on the water. Takes up to 4 people spinn fishing and 2 for Fly Fishing. This boat is equipped with the latest marine electronics from Raymarine, the AXIOM series.


catch&relax offer trough our partners a selection of different cruising boats that can take you around Stockholm on a cruise. 

Charter catchrelax.jpeg

This vessel will take up to 20 people for cruising in the waters around Stockhom. Ruff on the outside but luxury inside.

Catchrelax partner.jpg

Sailing with 50 fot boats (up to 6 of them).

Takes 12 persons per boat, you do all the sailing you're self with a skipper onboard that helps you navigate and take care of the guest crew. 

This is a also perfect activity together with our fishing boats. is the partner.

Fish & Sail with catch&relax
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