Drop In Fishing

Spinn fishing in the archipelago or lake Mälaren. It dose't matter if you are a total beginner or expert this is for everyone that what to hav a good time on the water and at the same time lean a little bit more about fishing in Swedish waters.

A fun way to meet other people that are interested in fishing. All fishing equipment you need, we have it on board the boats. We carry most of the time a wide selection of rods and different lures for you to choose from. If there is any specific you want, ask about it before we go out. 

We fish in the bays and around the islands of Stockholm archipelago in depths seldom over 10 feet (4 meters). We allways adopt the tours after the wether conditions to make the day enjoyeble and safe.  

If you want to book, it's easy - just give us a call or e-mail.

what's always included:

  • Boat with guide

  • Fishing equipment

  • Life wests

  • Wind/rain jacket if needed

  • Cold and Hot drinks together with some buns.

How Drop In Fishing Works... 
  • First Sunday every month (we add more days during summer)
  • you can book at the latest the day before 
  • you bring your own lunch
  • we have hot and cold drinks and some pastry (buns) 
  • up to 4 person per boat
  • start and stop in Vaxholm port 08.00 - 16.00 (8 hours trip)
Days left for 2021

Sunday - 4/4

Sunday - 2/5

Sunday - 6/6

Sunday - 4/7

Sunday - 12/9

Sunday - 3/10

Sunday - 7/11

Sunday - 5/12

Extra days for 2021 (will be put here on short notice
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Fishing bay
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Catch&Relax lures
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Pike by chris
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Summer pike
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certified fishing guide
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Summer pike
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Spinning rods
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Sun set in Stockholm
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catch and relax
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perch in stockholm
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