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Fly Fishing

We have all equipment for you.

All the equipment we use for fly fishing is from the Finish manufacture VISION and the Swedish company Fly Dressing.

Every rod is fine tuned to give the fisherman the absolute best performance possible

You can borrow rods from class #6 and up to #10 with reels that give you the selection on: floating, slow intermediate-, intermediate-, sinking-, or fast sinking lines to get to the fish depending of season and other conditions. Other equipment like line baskets, sunglasses, and gloves you can borrow from us. We also carry a large selection of flies, many that the famous Swedish fly fisherman Niklaus Bauer has developed.


We supply you with life wests, flotation overalls when it's colder weather. 

You can go for a half day or full day, we arrange the trip after your wishes.

If you want to book, it's easy - just give us a call or e-mail. Full day or half day for up to 3 persons per boat.

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